Sandra Krisberga-Sinigoi

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I am Sandra Krisberga-Sinigoi – the founder and business consultant of Illume Ltd.


I combine more than 20 years international business and managerial experience with deep understanding of human nature, in helping to improve business performance, strengthen the team and promote creativity of the employees.


As a business consultant I have worked with various business and public entities in Latvia, Sweden and the UK.


Company management

Project management

Sales and Customer Service

Leadership and management skills

Personal growth and efficiency

Collaboration and communication in team

Others creatively and non-standard solutions

  • Strategy formulation, development and implementation

  • Change formulation and implementation

  • Employee engagement and conflict solving

  • Innovations and creative problem solving

  • Process improvements and adjustments

  • Lego® Serious Play® workshops


Productivity: The balance of work and life

Effective communication in e-mails

Managing Success Meetings

Motivational anatomy: Who motivates me and others

Cooperation between different generations




  • To identify personal and team resources

  • For verbalising and expressing emotions

  • Reforming change and objectives

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