Strategy development and implementation - how to make the strategy to become simple and living document that helps understanding the direction and priorities of the company, thus helping the company to become stronger and gain more of competitive advantage. The seminar offers practical tools that are immediately applied during the group works. In this way the seminar immediately becomes a hands-on the real strategy designing process.


Change and emotion management - change is emotional, and emotions are the driving force of our behaviour. Many studies show that labelling or reappraising emotions can help reduce the emotion and increase executive functions. The focus of this seminar lays on team’s ability to formulate personal attitude towards the change, as well as provide tools they would be able to use within the team to recognize, label and finally ventilate unneeded emotions. As the result, team leaders will be able to manage the change within the team in more accepting and productive way. 


Finding innovative solutions - how to find solutions to the issues on what the team seems to be stuck on? How to improve some, service, product for the customers or processes in the company, or to create new ones? Idea management seminar will provide knowledge and real applicable skills on how to develop innovation in creative, still structured way and solve the above mentioned questions by the knowledge and creativity of your own team.


Collaboration and Communication – why do we misunderstand each other so often? People claim they make their decisions rationally and are motivated by money, but is that really true? How can we improve the collaboration in the team and avoid or, at least reduce the risk to be misunderstood. There are no miracle pills unfortunately, and the change should start with my personal attitude and motivation.


E-mail communication - this course is designed helping the participants to understand the motivation underpinning every addressee - what makes them initially read and respond to the message in the expected way. The seminar is the mix of both theoretical knowledge and very practical exercises which will help creating structured and easy to understand message that attracts the attention and motivates for the action. Finally, special attention will be paid to the choice of different message transfer channels for different situations, and why the conversation will often be a more successful choice than email.

Time and stress management - the last decade the developments of technology and turnover in economics have put a lot of strain to the employees. There is more and more information that needs to be analysed and absorbed each day, there is less and less resources and constant striving for even more efficiency. In such a circumstances it is difficult to stick with the same principles, which were valid even couple of decades ago. In this seminar – what can we do to ensure the personal productivity and mental health in the short and long term.


Leadership skills - No one argues anymore that leadership is the one of the key stones for successful and sustainable organisational performance. It affects both: collaboration within the team, as well as outcomes for the customers. Luckily, leadership is a set of skills everyone can develop and improve continuously. Thus, the objective of this course is to provide insights and improve leadership skills how to engage and motivate the team members to achieve the aspired goals.


Decision making – decisions are at the core of any business success, and therefore leaders must be aware about common decision biases, as well as the range of approached how to improve the quality of their individual and team decisions. The aim of this seminar is to introduce its participants with the fundamentals of decision making, tricks our brain plays when decisions are taken, as well provide techniques to avoid biases and improve the quality of decisions.  

Presentation skills - The aim of the course is to provide insights and practical skills in preparing and presenting stories for both, small and large audiences. The content also touches upon the business story-telling that facilitates the engagement with the audience and convincingly conveying the message. The course is based on the professional experience of the tutor and her belief that the presentation is the sum of the content and performance, where both elements are equally important. © 2018 All Rights Reserved.