Lego® Serious Play®

Lego®️ Serious Play®️ is a globally recognized and widely used method based on a number of scientific theories: the role of the game in learning, the use of stories and metaphors; the creation of abstract concepts in a physical object; as well as the interaction between body and mind.


Much of our brain capacity is directed to the coordination of our hands and fingers. In fact, this link is reciprocal, and not only the brain affects our fine motor skills, but also our work with the hands affects how we think and learn. At the end, with the help of Lego®️ bricks, we can create a 3D model of our thoughts.


The Lego®️ Serious Play®️ method is based on the belief that there is no one correct answer, but it can be found in a team where every participant expresses their opinion. It can be used for a variety of purposes, which can be grouped relative to 3 levels:


1) The individual level  - where the participant through the play with Lego bricks starts to understand better oneself and colleagues.

2) Team level - which allows the team to discover and improve the way they cooperate, as well increase their potential in a short time period.

3) At the company level - where metaphor and visualization are makes it possible to create answers to the challenges the world is continuously facing.


Although Lego®️ Serious Play®️ sets do not remain at the customer's disposal, the gained skills can continually be used on a daily basis by using other visualization tools - post-it stickers, drawings or plasticine. © 2018 All Rights Reserved.